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Thank you for fundraising with Niagara Chocolates!

Click HERE to view our Spring Catalog



Please use this site to enter the order totals from your catalog fundraiser.

Parents: Register HERE to sign your student(s) up for online sales.


Before submitting your order, you'll need to enter a School/Organization ID to register. If you have not received your School/Organization ID, please contact your student and/or your organization's fundraising chairperson.


*NOTE: Please use this website to enter orders after you are 100% DONE selling!*  


This website is designed as a tool to submit your fundraising order to Niagara Chocolates.

     1. Please share your catalog and order form with your family, friends, and co-workers. We do NOT encourage door-to-door selling. 

     2. For contactless selling, take orders over the phone, have customers view the catalog online (at and click "View Holiday Catalog"), and take payment by check.

     3. Let your customers choose what they want from the catalog, thank them, and let them know when your will be collecting money an delivering their order.

     4. Please be sure to let your customers know the correct total of their order incuding any applicable tax. (Your chairperson will let you know at the beginning of your fundraiser if your organization is tax exempt.)

     5. Checks should be made out to your organization. 

     6. Once your 100% done selling, please use this website to enter your order summary using your School/Organization ID code. This code was given to you by your fundraising chairperson.

     Keep your catalog and order summary for your records to correctly distribute when the chocolate is delivered.



Need more help? Click here to download easy-to-follow instructions