595 E. Elmwood
Troy, MI  48083
(800) 521-9863
E-mail:  fundraisingco@peoplepc.com

1.  Please complete the information below to register your student(s) to receive on-line orders (the School/Group ID can be found on the bottom of the parent letter included in your fund raising packet.)

2.  After you register as a parent you will be sent to the student registration site. Here you can register more than one student (One exception, if your children are in different schools, you will need to register them separately with their OWN school ID) and send out emails and text with the sellers link.  Please DO NOT use Mr. Mrs, Miss, Ms under teacher name, please use Grade-Teacher Last Name.  Example: 3-Smith  Thank You!

3.  You will receive a second email confirming the registration and each child will be assigned a Seller ID Number.  

4. Please have friends, family, and neighbors go to www.FundraisingCoOfAmerica.com to place an order by selecting the "Start Shopping" button and entering the student(s) Seller ID Number (or send them the direct web link provided in your student registration email).  

5.  Thank you for your support!